20807266Wellness Today
Course Information
Contemporary approach to the total wellness concept. It covers fitness and exercise, nutrition and stress management, culminating with personal planning toward lifetime wellness.
Total Credits

Course Competencies
  1. Apply the core concepts of physical fitness and wellness
    Assessment Strategies
    Skills Demonstration, Written Product
    you perform at least one exercise in the lab
    you record information about your workout

  2. Analyze methods of becoming physically fit
    Assessment Strategies
    Written exam
    Skill demonstration in fitness labs
    Self assessment
    you achieve the minimum passing score on the written exam
    you explore cardiovascular, strength, endurance, flexibility, and body composition
    you choose methods appropriate to your needs
    you create exercises that are tailored to your needs
    you perform custom exercises in the lab
    you self assess to determine fitness level

  3. Incorporate stress management techniques into daily life
    Assessment Strategies
    Skill demonstration in lab
    you achieve the minimum passing score on the written exam
    you categorize personal stressors
    you perform a stress reducing activity

  4. Design a Personal Wellness Plan
    Assessment Strategies
    Written product - Plan
    Personal 3 day food log
    plan includes your diet recommendations
    plan includes your current fitness levels
    plan includes a resistance program
    plan includes at least one personal and attainable goal for behavior change
    plan includes training exercises for your personal needs
    plan includes a diet containing foods you enjoy from each food group
    plan includes a strategic solution to achieve wellness goals