10831103Introduction to College Writing
Course Information
Introduction to College Writing, while assuming competence in basic paragraph and essay structure, reinforces principles of composition that employ critical thinking in reading and writing and develops students' grammatical competence and writing style. Through multiple revisions and workshops, students acquire writing process awareness, self-advocacy skills for understanding and managing assignments, and information literacy skills to prepare them for college writing.
Total Credits

Course Competencies
  1. Communicate and work effectively in online environments
    Assessment Strategies
    by participating in the class consistently
    by turning work in on time in the designated online and in-class locations
    enter into class discussions
    offer questions or comments during class
    engage in the electronic learning fora
    offer questions or comments via e-mail, discussion boards, wikis

  2. Read critically
    Assessment Strategies
    by identifying organizational strategies in texts
    by recognizing the author s use of various kinds of examples as support
    by participating in peer review
    by writing summaries of assigned readings
    identify the thesis of an assigned reading
    identify the main ideas accurately and throroughly
    annotate texts main ideas
    use a both paraphrase and quotation successfully in a summary
    use attributive phrases to give credit to the original author(s)
    provide a bibliographic citation for the source(s) discussed in the summary

  3. Summarize Effectively
    Assessment Strategies
    by annotating and outlining texts
    by participating in a peer review
    summaries identify the key points
    summaries include only relevant and necessary details
    summaries are concise without being sketchy
    summaries evidence correct grammar, punctuation and spelling
    summaries are completed based on course rubrics and guidelines

  4. Develop information literacy skills
    Assessment Strategies
    by conducting research using both public and subscriber resources
    by locating appropriate information resources
    you use basic and advanced search techniques have applied the search techniques consistently well across all the library resources
    you use useful keywords and subject headings that clearly relate to the research focus; that located specific sub-aspects of the topic, or located sub-headings and connected them appropriately with main subject headings
    by evaluating sources for credibility
    by citing sources that have been vetted for credibility
    includes a very clear focus on a topic, an appropriately narrow, reasonably articulated set of research questions.
    contains your working thesis, the sources you consulted, and summaries and evaluations of those sources.
    features a thesis statement that is clearly related to the course theme.
    cites sources that have been vetted for credibility.

  5. Use the process approach to writing
    Assessment Strategies
    by developing your essay in a chronologically-sequenced and coherent process
    by documenting your progress in small steps
    by submitting evidence of your progress according the deadlines posted in the syllabus
    you summarize the requirements of the assignment in your own words
    you brainstorm for potential topics and narrow those topics using the assignment criteria
    you imagine and analyze potential audiences/ select a particular audience
    you identify an appropriate topic, angle, and mode or modes for a particular audience
    you create an outline for an essay and plan illustrations for each main point
    you write and submit a rough draft
    you seek feedback through peers, the instructor, and the Writing Center
    you create a revision plan to guide revisions
    you submit revised drafts based on the revision plan and feedback
    you edit drafts for grammatical and mechanical errors.
    you submit a Self-Assessment essay in which you discuss your writing process
    the introduction of your final essay includes a clearly stated thesis
    the introduction of your final essay introduces the main ideas
    the main ideas of your final essay are relevant, appropriate, and accurate
    the main idea of your final essay is developed in a paragraph
    that main idea of your final essay is developed using supporting material
    your final essay includes arguments that are based on logical assumptions, are connected to each other and are connected to the thesis
    your final essay incorporates relevant primary and secondary source materials
    your final essay includes primary and secondary source materials that are quoted and paraphrased ethically
    your final essay includes an interesting and thoughtful closing statement
    your final essay has been edited and proofread for correctness and professional presentation
    your final essay includes a bibliography that provides full citations for each source used

  6. Compile a course portfolio
    Assessment Strategies
    by creating a portfolio consisting of representative samples of the work you have completed in this course
    by planning, drafting and revising a self-assessment essay about the work in your portfolio
    by creating a writing calendar to manage the multiple projects due by the end of the semester
    a self-assessment essay that includes a discussion of your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, makes references to the portfolio items as support, and is edited and proofread for correctness and professional presentation
    a course theme essay that has been developed over the semester in multiple steps
    representative steps in the writing process used to develop the course theme essay

  7. Use writing resources
    Assessment Strategies
    by submitting a revision plan for papers
    by utilizing a writing calendar
    by using the writing center resources

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