10151102IT Security Awareness
Course Information
Provides a basic survey of the importance of IT security awareness and data confidentiality. This course walks users through basic aspects of information security in a very broad, easy to understand way and explains the value of securing data. The course will also present best practices in access control and password policies. NOTE: Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows (computer literacy, proficiency with a mouse, file management) required.
Total Credits
Prior Learning Assessment
  • Exam-College Developed Challenge Exam

Course Competencies
  1. Explain information security fundamentals
    Assessment Strategies
    Project, Quiz
    Describe the impact of sensitive data exposure
    Describe how data is accessed illegally
    Locate a digital footprint
    Apply privacy laws targeted to your career

  2. Create a data protection plan
    Assessment Strategies
    Project, Quiz
    Plan includes use of virus and malware protection tools
    Plan identifies firewall and spyware tools
    Define the elements of a strong password
    Plan includes process for monitoring and protecting personal data, such as credit report monitoring
    Plan outlines a defense strategy for attacks against devices

  3. Plan a personal data backup strategy
    Assessment Strategies
    Project, Quiz
    Explain back up services, including the Cloud, external storage
    Identify the type of data to backup
    Outline the consequences of not backing up your data
    Summarize the steps