10145117Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Course Information
Dreaming of starting your own business? This course is designed to inspire and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit. Students will examine the entrepreneurial process and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, how to identify and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities, and the critical elements of an effective business plan -- including management, marketing, and financial data. So whether you dream of a new business, or have a plan that needs further development, this course can help you reach your goals.
Total Credits
Prior Learning Assessment
  • Experiential-Portfolio

Course Competencies
  1. Analyze entrepreneurship and the impact it has on our economy
    Assessment Strategies
    Written Product, Reflection
    Identify cultural trends in business ownership
    Explain the role of small business in the US economy
    Identify a small business which had a positive influence on the economy

  2. Differentiate between entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mindset
    Assessment Strategies
    Written Product, Entrepreneurial Mindset Assessment (Small Business Development Center)
    Identify components of an entrepreneurial mindset
    Define entrepreneurship 
    Assessment includes analysis of entrepreneurial character traits, risk assumptions, innovation, and creativity

  3. Examine idea generation and identify gaps within industry segments through a gap analysis that helps identify opportunities
    Assessment Strategies
    Written Gap Analysis, Group Project
    Identify gaps within industry and current trends
    Gap analysis includes problem identification and possible opportunities that could become outcomes
    Gap analysis includes pain points
    Gap analysis is utilized as a launch point for idea generation and Business Model Canvas

  4. Explore the Business Model Canvas and how it might help you launch a new business or new product/service
    Assessment Strategies
    Written Product
    Identify one key problem that affects your life
    Determine opportunities that exist out of current problems
    Canvas includes nine building blocks to consider when presenting a new product or service in the marketplace

  5. Analyze the nine building blocks of the Business Model Canvas
    Assessment Strategies
    Written Product, Oral Presentation
    Analysis utilizes the nine building blocks as identified in the BMC
    Analysis includes a profit calculation
    Analysis includes a pro forma projection of revenue, expenses, and profit
    Your “pitch” for your business idea is both an oral and visual presentation where one meaningfully conveys the product/service and/or business concept that will be pursued
    Your “pitch” for your business idea is five minutes in length, while allowing time for feedback
    You pitch should be compelling and represent your business idea in a detailed manner