10107111Exploration of Information Technology
Course Information
Introduces students to the various careers available in the vast field of Information Technology and examines the Network Specialist, Mobile Applications Developer, Web Software Developer, Systems Administration Specialist, Cloud Support Associate, Desktop Support Technician, and Network Security Specialist career paths. Students create an individualized career path plan as the capstone project for the course.
Total Credits
Prior Learning Assessment
  • Experiential-Portfolio

Course Competencies
  1. Summarize the applications of technology in the workplace
    Assessment Strategies
    Complete an online readiness assessment
    Define common technology terms

  2. Examine IT career preparation
    Assessment Strategies
    Complete a Madison College advisement report for a program
    Describe career opportunities available in various segments of IT
    Discuss career outlook in information technology careers
    Discuss salaries and work hours of careers in information system development, networking, IT security, and computer systems administration
    Discuss functions of jobs available in an IT department
    List the benefits of certification for employers, employees, and vendors
    Identify ways to prepare for certification
    Differentiate between IT certification and a certificate

  3. Layout an educational plan for your specific IT program at Madison College
    Assessment Strategies
    Written product
    Identify a career path within the IT industry
    Locate Madison College student resources
    Plan includes target courses and completion timeline for your specific IT program
    Plan includes career preparation requirements, such as background checks