10007111Biotechnology Career Seminar
Course Information
Includes a discussion of national, state and local biotechnology industries, career options, the ethical, legal and societal issues raised by the use of biotechnology and the regulatory agencies that oversee the industry.
Total Credits

Course Competencies
  1. Explore the variety of  biotechnology career possibilities
    Assessment Strategies
    Discussion, worksheet
    Contribute to an inclusive and collaborative workplace
    Develop communication skills to effectively participate in teamwork in a collaborative workplace culture
    Identify characteristics of an inclusive workplace

  2. Examine options of entry-level jobs in the biotechnology field
    Assessment Strategies
    Speaker journal/summary, participation in class group work and discussions, journal reflections
    Develop self-awareness and self-reflexive understanding of perception of self and others
    Recognize strengths, weaknesses and potential for growth
    Discuss personal strengths and how they influence career choices
    Start to develop a professional identity
    Formulate professional goals and career plans

  3. Examine the diversity of biotechnology companies with regard to product niche and organizational structure
    Assessment Strategies
    Discussion, description of selected biotech company
    Description includes identification of biotechnology company
    Description includes summary of different departments, company organization, and products
    Description includes workplace skills required for different roles within the company

  4. Write a resume
    Assessment Strategies
    Written Product
    Differentiate between the different categories of information included in a resume
    Identify relevant information that needs to be included in the resume
    Follow the steps for building an effective resume
    Resume contains relevant information
    Resume contains correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling
    Resume contains clear evidence of skills and work history

  5. Write a cover letter
    Assessment Strategies
    Written Product
    Cover letter targets a selected entry-level position in a biotechnology company
    Letter highlights personal strengths relevant to the position
    Explain how you will use these letters in the job seeking process
    Letter shows evidence of correct grammar, punctuation and spelling